Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yello Sub: Research and Prototypes

In my VISC 304, our project is to pick a local restaurant in Lawrence and redesign the carry out packaging experience. Yello Sub is a toasted sub sandwich joint on 23rd and Iowa and one of my favorite restaurants around. They have great food, great service, and a great atmosphere (there are hand-painted murals throughout the entire building, how cool is that?)

To start off the project, we had to do some research, which in this project's case, means eating at Yello Sub (can't say I was complaining about that homework assignment). From there, we were to audit our experience and begin to analyze the problems within their carryout experience. We were then to create a model based on those articulated problems and begin to come up with solutions.

Here is the link to my presentation complete with pictures, mind maps, sketches, and models: http://issuu.com/kwhiteman06/docs/kwhiteman_yellosub (this is the best part of this post, so you should really click on it, you know you want to)

And then for today we were to start to build prototypes for our packaging solutions. I was lucky enough to be camping for the KU vs. KState basketball game yesterday and so I did a lot of this prototype experimentation at Allen Fieldhouse (just a side note, these are really really rough interpretations of my ideas). My final prototype that's due for today I have not gotten a chance to take pictures of so those will be coming soon along with more mind maps of my solution process. But for now, I thought you'd enjoy some basketball infused Yello Sub packaging.

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