Sunday, November 17, 2013

Miller Murder Mystery Designs

As many know, I live in Miller Scholarship Hall and we had our annual Miller Murder Mystery dinner theater this Saturday (dinner + a show about a mysterious murder). It was Barbie/pageant themed this year so I had a lot of fun making the posters, buttons, Facebook event images, and program. Check it out. Click here to see Facebook event.

Poster Design (hung at each of the 12 scholarship halls)

Button design

Image posted to Fb for plug for Casino Night

Program: Front

Program: Middle
Program: Back

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TypoARTgraphy: Public Typography at the Nelson-Atkins

Officially finished and uploaded my book on public typography at the Nelson-Atkins. Check it out on the embedded file from Blurb.

Monday, November 11, 2013

NY Times Illustration

Our project in ILLU 415 that we're turning in tomorrow is an illustration for the New York Times Opinion/Editorial section. Barry gave us two articles about the supervision of the internet and the controversy of corporate agencies "watching" us and our trolling similar to 1984 and Big Brother.

Our deliverable was a 2"x2.5" black and white image that depicted this controversy. Our progress and the way we ran this project was supposed to similar to that of an actual illustrator (fast-paced and impersonal). On Thursday, we sent Barry five of our strongest concepts. Within the hour, he emailed us back a number of his favorite idea and then we were turned lose to create a finished image to turn in on Tuesday. These were my initial ideas:

Barry chose my first idea and from there I began developing a composition that was simple (because of the size, that was really my only option) and shape-based, relying heavily on contrast to make it successful. 

Final image: