Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Secret History: Complete

Happy Monday everyone! It's been a long weekend, a long night, and a long morning, but my VISC 202 project is finished! Here are my final 10 layouts for Donna Tartt's The Secret History. In addition to these layouts in pdf form, we also had to print them out (ink jet prints on premium 5 star matte paper = a whole lot of expensive) and put them on matte board. A 98 page process book was also thrown into the mix (for those of you who frequently read my blog, you know I quite enjoy the journey).

And like any and all projects I do here at KU, here are some things I learned throughout my first design project this year:

1. Matte board is expensive. Treat it with care. It dents/rips/bends/blemishes extremely easily. Because of this, always buy extra.

2. The skin on your finger is comprised of many layers. It is possible to slice off a couple of those layers, maybe 3-4, and not bleed.

3. The print lab can be a very frustrating place. Make sure to clean the nozzles before using the ink jet printers. There is a very tiny hand-written sign posted in the corner telling you that it is mandatory before printing. Lots of ink smudges/splotches/explosions will appear if you fail to do this. And yes, you pay have to pay for the printer's mistakes.

4. Strive for perfection but don't let it pummel you into the ground (I got pummeled numerous times late last night trying to fix tiny mistakes, not worth it my friends).

5. The Head and the Heart can get you through anything (

And with that, the final 10. Here's to this project and the many more to come:

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