Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moe's vs. Andie's

Today in VISC 204, we presented the beginnings of our food truck. Although there are only 15 potential logo ideas here, I presented 45. These 15 are picked based on the group critiques we had today as well as my own personal opinion. 

My food truck is mainly going to serve coffee in addition to hot chocolate (for those crazy non-coffee drinkers), apple cider and little bites like muffins and granola. Because the animal I'm designing my restaurant around is a moose, I'm gravitating towards a very outdoorsy/nature-inspired business. I want this food truck to hang around national parks, camp sites and hiking trails and serve warm drinks and quick bites to hikers and campers. I'm deciding between a restaurant entitled Moe's (with alternations like Moe's Joe or Moe's Cup of Joe) or Andie's (referencing the Andie's Mountains). 

The second image is what Tad calls a mood board. It's prepared to allow yourself to build a sort of color palette and feel for your brand. I want this to feel rustic and outdoorsy and I really like the pairing of different tree bark textures with burlap. I want this design to remain simple but also have a very organic, hand-crafted feel. 

The rest of the week will be filled with revisions and further exploration of our branding. 

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