Thursday, September 13, 2012

Expression Through Type, The Next Set

With our project due on Monday (I told you it was going to be one crazy busy weekend), we've also been powering through our compositions in Selby's typography class. The last post was a series of compositions focused on utilizing the grid to create clean compositions. For the next set of 20, Selby suggested we get in touch with our expressive/abstract side. I'm not a huge fan of David Carson (you can't read his stuff, it's frustrating and gives me a headache sometimes) but we were told to use him as inspiration.

Trying to adhere to some of Carson's design tactics as well as my own, I came up with 20 more "abstract" compositions. Here are 10 that were deemed successful in critique (you're seeing them in their roughest form, right after three hours of critiquing):

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