Thursday, September 13, 2012

And the Moose Herd Thickens...

Just in case anyone has forgotten, VISC 204 is in full swing as the moose herd continues to increase. I posted the first set of designs last week and last Tuesday the second set of moose were turned in and critiqued. Today, we were narrowed down our collections to our most successful as well as revising ones that needed improvements.

The first grid is set to illustrate the behavioral characteristics of the moose. Moose send to be mostly timid and shy but can be easily angered. I did all of these in hand but rendered some of them in Illustrator.

The second grid is textural as we were to express the texture of our animal through various materials and rubbings. 

The third grid is based on hybrids, combining two or more of our previous designs, cutting and pasting them and creating another form of our animal.

The fourth grid was based on an exploration of making marks on another surface. Some of these alternative surfaces included leaves, tree bark, safety pins, and needle and thread (nothing compared to my mom's embroidery however, I dont' know how she does it).

The fifth set is focused on icons. Beginning to explore the stereotypes and cultural references of our animal and creating iconic designs from those thoughts.

The sixth set is index, thinking up inspiring describing words for our animal and basing our drawings around those descriptions.

The seventh set is abstraction, radical abstraction in Tad's words. Although pretty unsuccessful, I tried to get some Picasso going in the last couple of squares.

The eighth and final grid was supposed to be entirely typographic. In my opinion, this was probably my most successful grid out of these eight.

 From those grids, based on Tad's ideas and the class group critiques, I started tossing out the ones deemed "lame" and began to put together a more refined 2nd set.

And last night, after sticking these favorited ones on my wall and staring at them for a while, I began to redo and make revisions to this narrowed down moose herd. 

And where am I taking it from here you ask? By next week, we are to have a finalized set of 16, 8 from the first set and 8 from the second set (basically one from each category) put in a grid format. The second half of our project is creating a brand for a traveling food truck/restaurant. Because moose live in colder, outdoorsy environments I was leaning towards a coffee/hot chocolate sort of deal, but I'm not quite sure. There are a lot of possibilities. It's going to be a busy busy busy weekend.

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