Friday, February 3, 2012

Experimentation & Putting It All Together

Sometimes when you've failed once before, it's hard to get back on the horse. But at the Monday night lecture, Bryon Darby, the photo media professor, gave us a quote from Jan Svenungsson (a famous writer): "I write to find out what I know." Bryon flipped those words around and said that the most successful photograph are familiar things. It had been a difficult past couple of days with my failed first attempt, but I knew I needed to take a deep breath and dive in again. This project was familiar, I knew that kitchen well. With a plan in mind, a motivational quote in hand, and a third Walgreens picture pick up run in progress, I was ready to go. 

A lot of my initial collage was done within Photoshop. I stitched bits a pieces of about 20 photographs together to form a bigger more monumental image.

My result of my third Walgreens run (I think I ordered over 250 pictures from them within 4 days)

May gave me my own table to work on because taking up too much room, sometimes big ideas call for big spaces.

Looking back at the critique from Tuesday, I was hesitant to continue with the idea of pasting brands over various appliances. To figure out the tackiness value, I photocopied parts of the collage and experimented with what each section would look like if I incorporated this kind of color within the black and white image. My conclusion became that yes, the color was necessary, but it needed to be controlled. I liked the geometric value that the textile in the the chair cushion offered as well as the color opportunities that the inside of the refrigerator provided, so I decided to collage those areas and leave the rest of the image in black and white. 

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