Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interviews for Project Broom: Gary Planck

Interview 1
September 22, 2011
Gary Planck
KU Marvin & Design custodian

Job Description
            Worked 20 years as KU’s janitor
            He knows his stuff, particularly his brooms

Places where he uses the broom:
            Cigarette butts
            Pine needles
            Computer labs
            Bathroom floors
            Straw bristles, better for picking up a variety of objects
            Thicker bristles – don’t flex, easier to get in cracks of sidewalk
            Thinner bristles – more in dust pan

            Hangs up on wall, hooks at end on handle
            Stands up between trashcans on cart
            Hangs dust pan with wire hook on cart

Dustpan Info
            Dustpan with long handle + wheels (allow for easier motion)
            Easier for picking up outside
            Bending not a problem
            Metal: heavier and bendable
            Plastic: breakable

Different types of brooms Gary uses:
            Long, wide brooms for big areas
            Smaller, short handled brooms for corners
            Handles of some of his brooms twist off, replace w/ diff. sized handles

 Dirt Disposal
            Tap broom on trashcan
            Picks smaller trash off by hand

How would Gary make his broom better?
            Replacement handles
            Broom head for different surfaces, different dirt
            Attach scraper to broom (be aware of safety, a fresh blade is really sharp and will cut your finger          down to the bone, Gary talks from experience)
            Attach dustpan
            Sharper dustpan edge

Interesting broom facts:
            Broom lifespan: 2 years
            Broom was manufactured by blind people
            This broom design has always been the same, design never changed

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