Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interviews for Project Broom: Diane Whiteman

Interview 2
September 25, 2011
Diane Whiteman
Homeowner, Preschool Teacher
Job description
            Preschool teacher

Places where they use their broom
            Kitchen floor
            Garage floor (outside)
            Patio (outside)
            Sidewalk (outside)
            Washing screens
What do you like about the broom? What don’t you like?
            Handles twist off, comes apart at the stick
            Handles not long enough, telescoping handle?

Different things they have to sweep up, which is most difficult?
            Cobwebs – stick to bristles a lot
            Dog hair
            Preschool – rice table right next to room divider curtains

Different types of brooms
            Soft bristle brush indoors – Soft Sweep
                        Won’t scratch floor
                        Does well picking up dirt
                        Dog fur gets stuck to bristles
                        Gritty stuff
            Bristle, old-fashioned broom
                        Holds up against concrete
                        Gets in cracks

Different types of dust pans
            Plastic dustpan, easier storage
            Handheld dustpans, attach to the broom
            Stand-up one at school, doesn’t get flat enough to ground, easier for 1 person
            Metal lip, flatter than ground
            Bending down

Grip + handle + head: Ideas of how you could improve the design
            Shape of brush? Why does it have to be straight across?
            Hole at head of broom, screw shape inside gets stripped
            Handle doesn’t support sweeping motion
            Comes apart at stick
            Visually appealing while still maintaining usefulness
            Telescope handle, help especially outside, high ceilings
            Come with some sort of hanging device on handle
            Disposable bonnet/duster, sweeper booty, take it off, everything would be    contained

Material of handle? Rubber grip be advantageous? Like a toothbrush? Memory foam?
            String to hang on hook outside
            Bent handle but keep storage in mind
            Rubber grips

How do you store the broom?
            Hang on wall
            Had to drill own hole, to thread string and hang up
            Doesn’t like to hang by head, see all nasty stuff caught in bristles
            Make sure to have a broom that stores in a flat space

Cleaning the broom?
            Stand over trashcan and pull off by hand
            Dog fur especially annoying
            Cobwebs – wrap bristles in paper towel, easier to get off

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