Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sketchbook Not Included: A Sketchy Absence

In VISC 404, we have been working on a project called the Client/Designer Relationship. I've been paired up with two students in my class, one being my client and the other being my designer. Sydney, the vector master, is my client for this project. For the book I'm designing for her, she wanted to focus on her off-beat process. She refuses to use a sketchbook which is funny because that's where all my ideas and compositions live until the last final versions. In light of that difference between our design methods, it's been interesting learning how her design process works and designing a book around that idea. Her sketchbook-less methods also inspired the title of the book, "Sketchbook Not Included: A Sketchy Absence."

When Sydney designs, she utilizes her art boards in ways that few designers do. She creates hundreds of different variations of one object before settling on the final version. For example, for her packaging redesign project, she created over 30 turkey vectors before settling on the final design. I thought it was fascinating how many awesome images she creates within the hidden areas of her files that no one ever sees. In addition to articulating her message, my idea for this book was to showcase all these vectors that missed the cut.