Sunday, March 3, 2013

SUA Posters: Moving into this Week

These past couple week I've continued to keep busy making event posters for SUA (KU's Student Union Activities). Here's a handful that will wrap up this week:

New Semester New Goals was an event that had students write down their goals for their second semester on a piece of seeded paper. The paper was then planted and as the semester went on you could watch your goals "grow"

This was the second poster I did for the Chili Cook-off. Although it got lost in the shuffle and never printed, it was fun to do further experimentation with my illustrated chefs. 

Step Afrika! was a step show featuring Phi Beta Sigma. 

This was a poster for a lecture series featuring James B. Steele, a famous author and journalist. I wanted to emphasize the title of his book: The Betrayal of the American Dream. In order to do this I ripped "American" and then rescanned it and designed the poster from there.

Social Issues Awareness week is also coming up. It's a week that takes each day to focus on a different issue. Tomorrow, SUA is launching it off with animal awareness with a presentation by KZOO. 

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