Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Thinking & Beautiful Storytelling

Our video to watch this week in type was a lecture by Jakob Trollback. His design principal is learning design through copying. Just like learning to play the guitar, you're happy when you can play Blackbird, but it's when you begin to compose your own music that you really get good. And it's the same with design, learning to copy is only part of the challenge. It's asking yourself if you are content to stay there in that copying stage and forcing yourself to move forward towards your own style and innovation.

There are a variety of different ways to get your message across. One of the most powerful methods is participation. Getting your viewer to get involved within your design and become a part of what you're doing. In order to do this you have to leave something out, leave an opening for the viewer to fill. Triggering an emotion, a powerful emotion, is a strong design mechanism, but forcing them to act upon those emotions, fill in those gaps themselves is where you can really make a change.

But these changes require creativity. Trollback said in his lecture that creativity is the positive driving force for man. It is the early artists who saw the things that no one saw that were able to change the world. In keeping with creativity, imagination is for all thinkers and storytelling (the theme of our text type project) lights up imagination.

We watched the hour long Trollback presentation but if you're interested, you should check out 19:08 in the presentation. It's a perfect example of creative thinking and beautiful storytelling:

So be inspired. Tell stories. And leave things out and allow for others' imaginations to take root.

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