Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Heck of a Beautiful Morning Bike Ride

For my photo class, our assignment this weekend was to choose three objects and utilize our knowledge of composition and subject to be able to create photographs that both documented the object as well as abstracted it. To see a full collection of those photos (30 in total) head to my Flickr site: Flicker Set: Documenting/Abstracting an Object

One of the three objects that I chose was my bike. It recently got a much needed tune up (Thanks Taylor, I really appreciate your bicycle expertise and patience for my lack there of) and I decided to take it for a spin this morning and discover the beauty that Lawrence has to offer during this fall season.

For those of you who are scrolling through and are Lawrence masters, these aren't in order, my apologies.

With my lack of reliable brakes, I walked down this hill. 

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