Monday, September 3, 2012

Photography, Beauty, & Conquering It All w/ Happiness

So this pretty cool dude (Paul Graham) decided that in 2009 he would write this pretty cool article (Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult) describing almost perfectly my frustration with this beautiful art form. Luke Jordan, you're the man for suggesting this reading and Paul Graham, you're the man for perfectly articulating my photographic headache.

Before you continue reading my thoughts, you should probably read Mr. Graham's:

Photography is difficult because it is everywhere. Every place. All the time. It's right there...there...and there. Then it's gone. And every time that string of thought runs through my brain I think, "Dang nab it Katie you missed it again." Another great opportunity wasted, forgotten, because you couldn't snap it quick enough. To me, with my brain, everything can be a picture. Life is a beautiful thing and it's difficult for me to try and capture it. However, that is a lame excuse. I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm going to miss potential photographs with mega beauty in them. I'm going to have to move on from that.

Because that's the choice we are spoiled with (being surrounded by beautiful things), but I can't let it stop me. Be aware but don't get stuck - relax Katie. It's everything and everywhere. I'm going to find it and it's going to find me. I just need to start, somehow, anyhow, but: start.

And when I start, and get stuck, I need to power through. Carry on. Carry on because this stuff matters when other things don't seem to matter so much. Passions can get you through a whole hell of a lot in life. Find them. Discover them. Do what makes you happy. Photography is difficult...real difficult, but it captures beautiful things, beautiful things that make you happy. And happiness can conquer all my friends.

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