Monday, September 3, 2012

Bailey's Range & the Mystery Designer

My apologies to the flurry of blog posts, I treat this blog as a grand combination of my classes, my life, and my thoughts. There are few places where I find intersections among these things and this is one of them.

Now I know I just got done layin' it down about the wonderfulness of photography and here I am about to post a horrible photobooth picture, but so be it, it's just one of my many intersections. This Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my family in St. Louis (it's Meet Me in St. Louis, Whiteman style). On Friday night, my cousin Jill took me to a beautiful newly-opened ice cream parlor called Bailey's Range. It's an adorable little burger and shakes joint off of Olive Street that has wonderful design. It's the kind of marketing that makes you smile. Here's the business card I snagged:

And here's their website:

While I was there, I enjoyed the wonderful company in a homey environment while sipping on a delicious German chocolate cake milkshake. My sister works at the local Iowa ice cream joint and so I'm always hesitant to say she's been out done. But Amy, sorry sista, Whitey's has lost this round.

I was so impressed with this place and all it's beautiful design that I asked my waitress who it was exactly who came up with their logo, color scheme, marketing, etc. Much to my dismay, she had no clue. She said he had come in multiple times to experience his work in action (I really hope they gave him free shakes, he certainly deserved it) None the less, excellent job mystery designer, you did some groovin' work.

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