Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beginnings of the Moose Herd

Just wrapped up VISC 204 for the day, all 40 of us brought our animal ideas, drawings, sketches, masterpieces, what have you, to class today. Here are a couple of snapsnots of mine:

Tad assigned categories to encourage us to test the limits of our animal as well as our own design style. For each category, there are 15 ideas. There are 8 categories. For those of you like me who didn't learn their fifteens in grade school, that rounds out to 96 drawings. The ones you see here sort into the categories of photos, gestural, painterly, and one line. Ahead is photocopies, geometric, straight lines, and many more. And just in case you're talking about this and need to address more than one moose, it's not meese and it's not mooses (even though a lot of you insisted that I was wrong), it's a herd of moose. And let me tell you, by the end of this project, I am going to have one giant herd of moose.

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  1. You still haven't learned your 15s--15 x 8= 120--good thing you are not a math major.