Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sketching out the Potential Process

Based on those prototype sketches and mind maps, I began to develop sketches that fully depicted the process of how I was going to turn all these 2D ideas into a 3D model.

I knew I wanted to have a couple focuses with my vessel:

1. I wanted to use poplar wood because of the neato green stripes within the grain. The Crayola company, as of three years ago, has made a lot of changes within their building structures and manufacturing to become more green. On their website, it says that "our new favorite color is green" so I decided to illustrate that recent "going green goal" with by material choice.

2. I wanted my vessel to be a combination of a nest and a crayon box. My hope then was to make the bottom part rounded, almost like a half circle and the top part boxy, like a box of crayons.

3. I also wanted to play with the seams of the wood. I think with this project and all of our inexperience, it will be hard to set your design apart from everyone else because we're so limited in what we think we can do. This is one idea that I think will be original.

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