Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Power of Process

If you haven't detected it already in reading posts with my other projects, I am a person obsessed with the design process. I love the idea that you can start with this tiny little idea and transform it into a monumental one. Revision is one of the most important aspect to this transformation journey because it forces you to step back away from your work, analyze it, rip it apart, and then build it back up again. Sometimes I feel as if I'm taking only baby steps forwards and giant steps back. But with those giant reverse leaps I am gaining new information and new ideas, ideas that will catapult me forward in achieving a satisfactory product. 

After analyzing the prototype (its features and its flaws) I went back to my sketchbook in attempt to iron out some of the kinks based on my criticisms of the first chair, my professor's advice on the current chair, and my ideas and inspirations for my future chair.

So this series of pictures is my chair throughout the course of the week. In between the first and the second chairs, I completely started the structure over (quite the big backwards leap) but in doing so I learned much more about the strength and sturdiness of the structure I was building and how that related to the overall design. 

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