Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Call Us the Superheroes of Our Generation

August 29, 2011

"By Design" Ralph Caplan
"Toothpicks & Logos" John Heskett
"Understanding Design" Kees Dorst

Designers are probably the most indescribable profession in the working world. Design encompasses so much that when trying to develop a definition, it is impossible to give credit to each element. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, design is a delicate balance. With this reading, I learned not only does it fall between functionality and aesthetics but also creativity and analytical thinking. It is also interesting to note that design has quickly developed into a social process. Although working in a team can be difficult sometimes, it creates an awesome heterogeneous mixture (yes, I did just throw in a chemistry term) of ideas. 

In conclusion, the very first quote I read in "By Design" sums up why designers love their jobs: "Designers won't save the world, but the design process can help make it worth saving."

So here's to the freshmen design class of 2015, let's go make the world worth saving. (I call being Spiderman)

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