Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ticketing Kindness: Urban Intervention

In VISC 404, Designing for Social Interaction, I also got the opportunity to conduct an "Urban Intervention." The goal was to create an "intervention" in a public space (without breaking the law or getting arrested) that raised awareness and encouraged participation within the community. Banksy (some of his works are below) is a really famous urban interventionist but he does a lot of illegal things (and has gotten arrested on multiple occasions) so we were instructed to kind of stay away from his "style". I created an Urban Intervention board on Pinterest to find inspiration ( Here are some more acceptable examples by of an urban intervention (Banksy examples are at the end).



My concept was distributing parking tickets that ticketed kindness e.g. uplifting, encouraging messages instead of parking violations. I designed, printed, cut, and distributed over 300 tickets around KU's campus and the Lawrence area. Recipients were asked to tweet their reaction (#ticketingkindess) and then asked to pass it on to other people.

Check out the hashtag search:

Check out my completed project on my portfolio site:

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