Monday, September 9, 2013

Chocolate Coffee Beans, Creative Confidence, & Taking Off the Blinders

Well, it's about time I started putting my nose to the grindstone.

To start off, you know what is a GREAT and delicious way to cure the yawns? Even though they might look exaggerated, these are real live yawns people. And every time I look at them, I yawn again. Funny how that works.

Chocolate covered coffee beans. Sweet, instant caffeine. They are the bees knees. And Logomarcino's brand no doubt. And I am so glad my parents gave them to me for my birthday.

Anyways, in my History and Philosophy of design class we watched some GREAT TED talks on design. If you're looking for a good, humorous design chuckle, check out David Carson (the dude is crazy, one time he thought the article he was designing for was boring so he put the entire thing in dingbat. Weirdo) :

But it was David Kelley who made my Monday. This guy makes you believe that you can change lives with design. Kelley believes that anyone can be creative (even artistic in my book) if they stick with a process. And as a creative, it is our job to help people believe that they are naturally creative, help them find that creative confidence. Because with my thoughts, if people own up to their creative confidence, our problems would be solved in new and innovative ways. Ways that we never would have dreamed of if we hadn't taken the creative blinders off of our eyes.