Monday, April 1, 2013

Some Steps Backwards: Tear Down This Wall, Kinetic Type

Made further revisions towards the final motion project that's due on Monday. Took some steps backwards though, made some big mistakes that I'll have to work to improve on for Wednesday. But hopefully with these steps backwards, it'll set me up to take some leaps forwards.

Based on tonight's critique, in general, I need to work first to finding new music. Coined as "awful elevator music" I've got to find music that will support my speech and it's kinetic type in a serious but powerful tone. I also have to work to get away from my book spreads and move further into the motion aspect of this movie. Time and time again, I'm finding that simply replicating my book spreads in the frames of my movie makes for a very static, very even and uneventful movie. I also need to work on the ending with the wall and actually making the tear, tear.

In essence, I've got a lot of work to do before the Monday due date. But that's okay, one step forwards at a time.

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