Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exploring Music for Speech

Along with making revisions and improvements to Reagan's speech, I've also begun to explore background music to solidify and support the audio and animation. I had some great help from my cousin, a true music wiz (thanks so much Kevin!) who gave me great suggestions.

This first one has potential because the song slowly become more and more chaotic, a lot like the progression of my animation sequence and the physical tearing of the wall. There is also a lot of cheering from the audience and I think this song could really support the passionate mood of the crowd in tearing down the wall.

I didn't actually watch any of these videos (just listened to them multiple times with my existing animation), so I apologize if they're sad. Comments in this video said it's a sequence of videos of destruction, so just be forewarned. Anyways, I think this video provides a good, solid rhythm and beat that would support Reagan's pacing throughout his speech. The ending of this song would also be useful and would be a good contrast against the destruction of the wall.

This third option also has potential because I think provides a modern, more electronic kind of feel that I think would adhere to the new ideas and modernized thinking of that time. The pace and rhythm would mesh well with Reagan's pacing and I think it could create interesting beats for the typography to anchor from, motion-wise.

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