Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zany Portraits & a Jumpstart on Caricatures

Some more process on the portraits of the three first ladies! Did some quick thumbnail compositions for Abigail Adams' portrait which are the two immediate pictures below. She wrote to her husband John almost everyday. That's a lot of letters.

The twist with this assignment is we are to take the portraits and compositions we have in our head and sketched out, and apply the magazine collages that we did two weeks ago to these portraits. These three are really quick color studies that I did to try and get a handle of the zany color palettes. It's much harder than you would think, applying these crazy colors, but it with these studies, it made me look at color in a completely different light (and yes, I know, Martha Washington is a ginger with jaundice, that will be fixed in the final).

In addition to the portraits, we have started caricatures! We were paired up and told to draw this person for a half hour. More to come with these, but these are the initial sketches of my friend, Mary.

This one is my favorite. 

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