Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yello Sub Packaging Update: Smile!

And Yello Sub! How can I get the carryout packaging!? Geez la weez. Here's a quick timeline of all the prototypes we've built these past 2 weeks, my sandwich holders have gone thru quite the transformation! As of right now, I'm doing two separate concepts: 1. A single sandwich carrying mechanism made only out of the paper menu's they give you in the store and 2. A well-designed, fully functional bag to put both your 6" subs as well as your 12" subs (for all of you who have bottomless stomachs). The plan is to make a bag that you'll want to use again and again. If my environmental studies roommate has taught me anything (trust me, she's a wise one, I've learned far more than just being "green"), it's to reuse first, then recycle.

Here's the first, full-scale, slightly flimsy prototype:

Here's another round of prototypes with a more structurally-sound handle as well as further exploration in branding:

And here's the idea for the single sandwich carrier made entirely out of the menu. The idea is that you can "unroll" the packaging and use it as a placemat as well as a menu in the future.

When you eat Yello Sub, you're happy, so why not have the opportunity to express that joy in the packaging? That's what's in store for tomorrow.  

Before you say something, yes, I know it's a lot of yellow. But! This is the basic idea behind the packaging concepts. I took this circle/half circle shape and have worked to concept around that. I made an entire typeface out of that shape in addition to a submarine, water/tide, and a poorly-executed sandwich. 

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