Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Full Book Jacket Immersion

Continuing the process of full book jacket immersion, I traveled to the KU bookstore to get some inspiration from recently published books.

In the TED talk we watched, Chip Kidd talked about being concerned with not only the front of the book cover but also the spine. I thought this was very good execution of sequential spines.

 This is a refreshing take on the topic of religion in suburbia. The colors within the text are handled expertly with the pastel colors in the background. 

 This was on of my favorite book jackets I saw here. The actual book itself had a simple silhouette of a rural town landscape but then they printed additional text and information of yellow velum that made opening up this book a really unique experience. 

 I thought this was a good pairing of a limited color palette and hand-drafted type.
 Beautiful vintage here. It stands out so well on the shelf as well.

 Mandela was one of my choices on The Book Cover Archive as far as a photo-based jacket goes. It was awesome to see how the designer had the spine interact with the rest of the cover.

 Being a classic, I think there would be some difficulty in designing a cover for The Odyssey but these were a couple of very different examples that I thought perfectly expressed the mood as well as the plot of Odysseus and his quest.

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