Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving Forward With Slacker While Trying to not Slack Myself

And just as all my other deadlines are fast approaching, so is the dvd packaging design for Slacker! Big critique yesterday that went rather well. These pictures are a combination of the homework due for Tuesday (the orange, graphical tv composition) and Thursday (the other two revised from Tuesday). Lots of work to do this weekend.

 1st Composition experimenting with television static as a cohesive texture.

 2nd composition taking the textures from each character's appearance and transforming them into an element of text as well as a cohesive design (this is probably the idea I'll go with for the final)

 3rd composition utilizes my drawing abilities to articulate each unique character in the movie. The cohesive color palette (even though I haven't gotten a lot of good vibes from everyone else on this) and different treatments of the scans helps bring the packaging together.

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