Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wrapping up the Ascender

Today is turn in day for Type 202! For our second project, we were given a type term and were to create an animation within After Effects in order to teach the class the definition. Ascender is my term; and despite (hopefully) learning the definition after watching my movie, the tride and true definition is "Any part in a lowercase letter that extends above the x-height" (

As inspiration for motion and "cinema" as Selby described it, we watched a couple YouTube clips in class on Monday. It's by the animators of Wallace and Gromit and they're quite hilarious. I always used to watch that duo at my grandparents house and so it was really cool when I discovered their beginning work. Check it out:

This is my final video. Having not used After Effects before, it was a slow process in simultaneously teaching myself the program as well as creating an animation. It was a lot of late night google problem-solving as well as group creating sessions to bounce ideas and knowledge around to each other. Despite all the learning, I was able to make something in the end. So I hope you enjoy this video and learn something inspiring about the ascender.

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