Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food Trucks, Logos, & Business Cards

Happy Tuesday everyone! In VISC 204 we are continuing to expand upon our food trucks. Our first critique was today, so once again, the walls of the room were covered head to toe in design.

I know I left many of you thinking that my food truck was going to be based around a small, rustic-feeling coffee shop named Moe's after a fictional Moe the Moose. And as many of you know, I have revised the crap out of this idea. This weekend was spent revising this idea, creating new idea, frustrating myself with them, and starting over and coming up with new ideas. Here's a quick view into my sketchbook so you can (possibly) begin to see where I'm coming from.

After looking at the logos and proposed for Tuesday's class (Thursday's class was cancelled for you really visualizing this timeline) I decided I needed to solidify my concept. I knew I wanted a very strong theme of nature so I began my frustrating concepting with quick drawings of the people, places, and things that make up the great outdoors.

I then turned to my pre-existing logos and tried to build a stronger concept around those. I was having difficulty however because I felt like I needed a better direction. Coffee just wasn't cutting it. I began to play with a concept centered around a bonfire. 

Not really having full confidence with the bonfire theme, I began to branch off in other directions. Boy scouts popped in my head so I began to do some research. I liked the simplistic aspect of their organization and thought I could use a lot of their design elements (badges, color schemes, etc) within my food truck design.
I continued my research and began to build a restaurant (menu ideas included) around this theme. I even had my roommate call her brother (both Boy Scouts) to see what kind of food they ate while hiking. 

I was really intrigued by the badges. Being a girl scout until fifth grade, it's interesting to think about how important these patches really are and how many awesome stories they can hold. After researching patches of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, I began to create patches for potential food orders within my food truck. 

My plan for my food truck is for it to hang out around national parks and nature trails heads and serve breakfast food to those about to go out on a day hike. It's going to be hearty yet healthy food that fills your stomach and gets you ready for the day ahead. I also am planning on selling packaged granola bars, Cliff bars, and smores material; things you can throw in your pack and eat throughout your hiking experience. Mo's kind of came from my fictional Mo the Moose; I also thought it was a very fitting name for a scout leader. Andie's (in addition to being my brother, Andy's name) got inspired from the Andies Mountains in South America. While I don't really want to adhere to that area's influences, I like the idea of it having a mountain/nature theme. Here are the designs that were critiqued in class today:


  1. like the idea regarding business cards...thanks you share it as i need it for the design of plastic business cards.

  2. Your plan was good. But I’m wondering about what kind of food you’re going to cater. With that in mind, you’ll be able to think of themes that would suit to your store. It is important to be specific so that you’d know who your market will be.

    Joseph @FreshAndHealthyBrands.com