Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hallmark Kickstart: Mark Moskovitz

Yesterday's Hallmark lecture (first one of the semester!) started off with a bang. The speaker was Mark Moskovitz, an environmentalist initially, Mark is spending his career combing conservation with sculpture and industrial design. Mark studied at Cranbrook grad school with Tim Hossler (they shared a studio) and now lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.

The biggest point that Mark made yesterday was the positive effects of mistakes. Screw ups, he said, are inevitable. As designers and artists, we should encourage them, not stray away. I think with everyone, it's hard to close your eyes and simply dive in. You never know what you're getting yourself into, and geez la weez, what if you mess up? But after Mark's lecture last night, I have learned that taking risks should be an everyday occurrence. Great things can come from failures. And how can you discover those successes if you never take the risk?

The other point that stuck was his ease in simultaneously serving as an artist as well as a designer. The farther I get within my major and the more I learn, the more I realize the thick line that is drawn between art and design. Up until college, I was taught to be a traditional artist. I am slowly discovering the ways of design and I struggle sometimes with combining both art and design. After Mark's talk, I was much more reassured that it's possible. Art and design can be a wonderfully inspiring combination. You might screw up many times trying to successfully mesh them together, but how would you know if you never gave it a shot?

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