Monday, August 27, 2012

Discovering Asymmetry on the KU Campus

For my typography class (VISC 202) we were given a theme for the semester: Asymmetry. Michael Selby, my professor, told us that there would be a lot of things we needed to learn in this class, but this was one that should be pretty high on the to-do list:

"Asymmetry is the rhythm in which we live our lives."

In light of our jumpstart quote, Michael told us to walk around and take pictures of things we interpreted as asymmetrical. His example in class was a city skyline. Keeping that in mind, I took a very nice stroll Friday morning and discovered the asymmetrical world of the KU campus.

 I found that trees have some of the most original and beautiful symmetry around. Their lack of cookie cutter-ness provides a sort of ease. I feel like it's pretty to be unsuccessful in asymmetry, but trees man, they know what's up.
 This sculpture is just a few steps from my front door and is a great example of asymmetry. As a graphic designer in training, it's cool to see how a sculpter interprets asymmetry.
 A bit of the Lawrence skyline. The Oread is a great counterbalance to the Union and the tree line.
 I really liked this one as well. These windows are merely dark rectangles but because someone needed a little fresh air, it has turned into a totally different composition.
Kristen and my locker, the structure of the locker may be symmetrical but due to the wonderfulness that we fill it with, it has transformed into an asymmetrical composition.

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