Monday, March 26, 2012

The Blogger Has Finally Returned

Hello all, I am back from a somewhat prolonged hiatus and I apologize for the delay. But never fear, you will get a mouthful of design compliments of yours truly, pronto.

Alright, to all of those who were unsettled with the way I left things with the cardboard chair, I give you a very confusing image of what it looks like when sitting on the contraption (I'm sorry this is the best I've got, the piece of furniture is not sitting in a dark corner of who knows where waiting to get graded).

Fantastic isn't it? You might go as far as calling it magical. But that's up to you I suppose.

Also! For the second part of our project, we had to translate our 3D design onto paper. It brought me back to my mechanical drawing days with Mr. Drexler where we had to break down a 3D image into four different views.

After the view breakdowns we had to do a bit less of a rough sketch. The point of the assignment was to mesh structure and geometric shape with whimsy. For the first two, I drew the 'Cardboard Forest' in a simple square space and then added some interesting detail with the 'wallpaper'. I really enjoy drawing these whimsy designs (seen on the wall), it's very stress-relieving and allows my mind to relax after a tough day of thinking. I really apologize for the lack of quality in the scan, these drawings are HUGE and too big for the scanners in the design building (surprise, surprise) so I had to settle (yes, Dad, I had to settle this time) for images via the digital camera and for some reason no matter how much I tweaked with Photoshop, these little buggars refused to cooperate.

After our whimsy, geometric compilation, we were instructed to go off the deep end and place our cardboard chairs in an environment. Because my structure is very organic and tree-like, my location of choice was a botanical garden. However, when I was drawing it, my imagination got a little carried away and I ended up making it more of a botanical-like zoo where pandas, snakes, and tigers loom around. Again, sorry for the poor quality of the scan, this is another monster of a drawing.

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