Sunday, February 26, 2012

Communicating Ideas Onto Pen & Paper

So with great inspiration in hand and plenty of empty pages in my sketchbook, I began work on creating a structure that truly defined my duality relationship. 

As you can see, my first attempts weren't exactly spot on. I started drawing a basic bench structure but then got slightly distracted by the fonts in my accounting book that was sitting open next to my sketchbook. 

Wanting to feel a little bit more powerful of an inspiration jolt, I moved myself to the library. Here, I began to study the chairs within that space. Of course, I mind-mapped a little bit and challenged myself to draw every chair within sight. Stools, desk chairs, computer chairs, and arm chairs, I worked on developing a better understanding of the different components of a chair as well as what I can do to reinvent them and make them original.

With those library chairs in mind, I switched my brain to shape. In this "shape study" I worked on developing a platform for what a chair looks like and then morphing that into an interesting shape while still maintaining chair-like qualities. Fast-forwarding to my final product, (which you will see in just a few more blogs) I'm not sure if this sketching session really accomplished a whole lot, but I think in terms of generating an idea and communicating it with a pen and paper, I improved.

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