Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puryear & Buster: Reading Reflection

Martin Puryear is a man of many ideas. Although he can draw, paint, sketch, and design, he made sculpture his concentration of choice. His style centers around the encompassment the different aspects of global art. Throughout his life, he has traveled the world, discovering new skills and trades in different countries and exploring the relationships between those cultures and the materials they use.

His focus centers around the constant reconsideration of an idea. His method of process deals with learning and then relearning a material and developing a personal vocabulary of materials and form. For me, I think this method of process is especially important for this cardboard chair project. In order to be successful here, I think a lot of mistakes have to be made, a lot of lessons have to be learned, and a whole lot of cardboard needs to be scrapped before really accomplishing the goal of a successful piece of furniture.

Kendall Buster is also a man of in-depth process and focuses on the idea of “many parts create a whole”.

In 2007, Buster created “New Growth”, a sculpture centered around the relationship of architecture and biology. Through beautiful form and vocalization of space, Buster creates an organism; functioning systems of interdependent parts. 

Another work with a similar concept is his 2002 project titled “Parabiosis”. This sculpture describes the artificial and natural joining of two individuals. I think this project is especially relevant to our project because it deals with an interpretation of a relationship. Just like Buster, we are to analyze a relationship we have with someone and interpret that into a visually appealing design. By looking at Buster’s creation, I can develop a better sense of creating art and function through sculpture.

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