Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Are What You Eat

The homework due today in class was four 'test' collages of an interpretation of your chosen concept. Not being at my utmost prime at photography, I decided to sketch some primary compositions out before I whipped out the Lumix.

Initially, I was really interested in the cliched comment, "You are what you eat." Yes, the food we consume can make us gain a couple pounds (or lose it, it we're lucky) but I was beginning to think it went beyond that. With this composition, I am playing with the idea of how the food we eat defines a lifestyle as well as a personality.

I continued playing with "You are what you eat" but this time, inside the big white box. The refrigerator I use is divided into sections, each belonging to a different member of my kitchen. With this sketch, I thought of using Polaroids to help put a face to the food.

Although it still develops the idea of "you are what you eat", I feel like this concept communicates the message in a much less literal way (which is more enjoyable I think). Behind the refrigerator, is a collage of the inside contents. I want to create a visually appealing scramble, experimenting with different colors and textures of food.

On the front of the bleak refrigerator is its owner in photographs, spliced and diced, just like another piece of fruit. And I know a lot of your are probably thinking, "Oh my, she's gotten quite morbid now that she's gone off to college." Put your worries aside people. Although seemingly imitative of Jack the Ripper, it's communicating the message even further that, yes, we are what we eat. 

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