Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spilling into Time and Space

As I normally do at the start of every new design project, I take my sketchbook and a pen, sit in an isolated place (usually the international section in the library but recently it's been the corner of my room) and brainstorm. And so it was great to see on the first day of class, after being assigned the new project, that May had us brainstorm as a class. No, I wasn't instantly inspired, but it got those creative juices flowing (almost literally).

 Although I'm more of a mind mapper/spider web person myself, May brought out the big butcher paper and a sharpie and recorded whatever our class decided to yell out. She gave us kickstart words like 'time' and 'space' and we took it from there.
These are some of the key words I wrote down...
In terms of photography tips, she encouraged us to pursue the seemingly ordinary. Her example was her water bottle. And by golly, you see those things everywhere you turn. Many would deem it 'just another water bottle'. But instead, May uncapped it and poured it out on the desk (a bit shocking I must add during 2:00, my most sleepy hour of the day). And as she splashed it in front of, a whole bunch of new ideas were formed.
Splattering, dripping, splashing: motion was made. Mirrors and reflections: humanistic qualities were added. Full turning into empty: Space drove its way into the equation. Evaporation, condensation, existence over a couple hours: time began to play a part. And right then and there, we were back to answering the original project's question: What is time? What is space? And before we knew it by golly, we were mapping it.

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