Monday, January 9, 2012

A Small Commission

After mulling around the house this weekend looking for something to do, my dad asked me to do a small commission for him (I really think he was tired of looking at the bored expression on my face). He has a work party coming up and he asked me to do the invitations for him. Jumping on the chance, I dove right in.

My inspiration was the ever-popular deer in John Deere. I developed a spin off of that to help better suit the winter theme and the formality of the event. I'm not much of an artist within Illustrator so I drew the deer first and then scanned it in. After editing it on Photoshop, I worked with the layout within Illustrator. I played with different opacities of a cerelean blue as well as a charcoal grey. These cold wintery colors helped develop the chilliness of winter that we all know too well.

The long and lean shape of the paper was a different spin on the normal invitation and I think it helped bring to life the text and images on the page.

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