Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chilly Ideas, Cool Concepts

While both of my previous ideas had potential to be the final photo collage, I thought I was having to shove the idea of both of the concepts down peoples throats (A nasty image if you ask me, no thank you). I started taking a step back from my everyday activities and view them from a design point of view. While I was doing that, I came upon my refrigerator.

Yes, yes I kno, it sounds mundane. Refrigerators are cold. Ice cold. Especially when you reach up into that top half and venture into the freezer. Brrr. But I really liked the idea of how such a dank and boring white box could exude so much information about its owner. My roommate Erin I thought put it perfectly, "It's like going through a person's trash, only not as gross."

Exactly, I thought, there are so many elements here I could experiment with:

The outside: By golly, you don't even have to open the big white box to begin deciding what characteristics this refrigerator owner posses. Magnets, pictures, colorings, sticky notes, reminders, to-do lists. It's all there and it's all different.

Contents: Take a peek inside of the refrigerator and a whole new level of personal identity comes into play. How much food a person has in their so-called ice box can tell you whether they cook frequently or are more of the 'going out' type. Are their a lot of take out boxes? Maybe they have visions of sitting down at the dinner table for a meal but burn everything in sight.

Labels: Being a graphic design major, I just couldn't ignore this category. Food is consumed by consumers. Every ounce of packaged food in that refrigerator had a claim saying it was the best, most delicious thing you could ever put into your mouth. Some reasoned because it was super intensely healthy. Others because, well, it has so many preservatives in it, your tongue goes into hyper drive. Yum.

So despite my lack of focused direction, I had a subject: a big white box. Pretty 'cool' if you ask me.

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