Monday, December 5, 2011

Some More Bright Ideas

For this next homework phase, we were told to choose a direction and "don't look back." I really liked the idea that involved cutting numerous "v's" into the bristol board and forming a cylinder making the pointed cuts flare out (similar to the jaws of death).

The form is very geometric that I thought I could play with the structure to develop more organic shapes. So here's three different prototypes exploring the relationship between the structured and the chaotic.

 There's a funny story that goes along with the wrapping up of this lantern. After I was done photographing the lantern in the dark I went to go turn on the lights. Forgetting that a lightbulb is a very fragile mechanism, I dropped the structure on the ground...and shattered the bulb (which I had stole from the ceiling fan in our room). Ironically enough, guess what well-designed mechanism I used to pick up the shattered pieces? The broom from the second project. It's amazing how somethings can turn full circle, it's funny how bright ideas can come in handy (Get it? Bright/lightbulb, oh man, sometimes I just crack myself up).

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