Monday, November 7, 2011

With our word "transfer" and its many definitions, we had a lot of different paths we could take in terms of how we handled the letters and the locations in which they were placed.

For starters, we wanted our word to reflect the definition just standing on its own. We chose to cover the letters in aluminum foil because its reflective surface is a great in the transference of light. Plus, the shiny surface opened a lot of doors composition-wise that we could play with later on in the project.

We chose our location for the lecture walk through for a couple reasons. We liked the idea of "transferring buses." Every college student deals with it, and although it's often a pain in the neck, we all knew it was relatable. We also wanted to illustrate a kind of narrative so when people walked by there was a story to be told rather than just a word. So Maia stuck the "t" in her backpack and sat and read a newspaper as if waiting for a bus and Tina did the same with the "r" facing her back to our audience, also waiting for the bus.

Side Note: Speaking of newspaper, on Monday our project got in the UDK! Page 2, woohoo!

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