Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Self-Consultation of the Latest and Greatest Drafts

Although there's still one last critique remaining, I believe that my compositions truly illustrate the definition of 'propel'. Through the three different arrangements, I visually communicated the three different meanings of the word utilizing in particular, scale, tonal value, and space.

One of my favorite compositions is the red propel. I created a rectangle of a lighter hue around the word to make it seem like the image was flying down a sort of road or runway. I also decided after looking at my drafts, to go bold. I chose red, not only because it stands out, but the fire association makes it seem like the bolded 'propel' is being accelerated through the means of fire engines. That's being propelled pretty darn fast if you ask me.

I think my most successful composition is the windmill. I think it communicates the boldest statement and develops alternative meanings in addition to the propel definition. I really do believe that this could be used as an advertisement for wind energy because it's simplistic, articulate, and bold. I think the colors I chose also enhance this statement by tapping into the "green" concept.

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