Monday, October 3, 2011

Prototype Interview 2: Daniel Skinner

Prototype Interview 2
October 1, 2011
Daniel Skinner
Freshman scholarship hall resident – Stephenson

How do you use a normal broom?
            House duty is to clean kitchen and dining area
            Sweeps up food off floor, dirt/sand from people’s shoes
            Uses standard broom: straw, straight across bristles, wooden handle

Prototype Ideas:
            Likes the idea of hair-getter-outer
Thinks extra comfort within middle of handle (good angle, easier to hold) is good idea
            Disagrees with stress ball, thinks that it could be a little unnecessary
            PVC joint too flimsy, if it was stable the angle would be a well-executed idea
            Telescoping element is good, would use to get into difficult to reach areas
Cleaning bristle element is a good idea, but should design some way to prevent it from sliding off/getting in your way when you’re sweeping
Impressive, solid design

Other Problems:
            Dust pan: line of dust that is impossible to pick up
            Vacuum sweeper broom

For those of you with confused looks on your faces, this is not Daniel Skinner, this is in fact the lovely Erin Christiansen, Daniel had a lot of biology homework to do and only had time for an interview so Erin was our stand in for the prototype modeling.


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