Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Lab: "This smells like burning hair"

After a lot of hard work and brain power, we have now a working prototype! It's not perfect and we've got some areas we need to brush up on (sorry to all you pun-haters) but I think we solidified our ideas and that's a big leap in this project.

The original prototype from Walmart. It is soon to get one heck of a makeover.
Jacob brought a paint roller handle that is height adjustable to use as part of our broom handle. That was all fine and dandy, only it was about 12 inches too big. So they broke out the saw and cut away. And just a side note, when you cut pvc pipe, it smells like burning hair. 
 And sometimes, when you're short on tools, you have to get innovative...
More prototype pictures to come, but here it is, a quick glance of the 1st prototype in use. Look at that expression of enthusiasm, I think it's been a successful Thursday. 

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