Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Inspiration Through Research

To make sure we weren't duplicating any ideas of previous designers, I ventured out into the Internet to see what kind of new brooms were out there. I came back with a lot more knowledge of the basic broom and a whole lot of ideas. I came to realize through my research that there are a lot more designs for sale online that have yet to make it into Walmart's broom collection. Although the concepts and ideas of these online brooms have value, I'm not sure the execution of some of them are quite up to par. 
Based on the Eiffel Tower, ID designers, Min Seok Song and Jung Gi Seo, set out to create a broom that had solid aesthetic qualities as well as a easier to use structure. And I'll admit, it is a pretty slick design. I think the idea of a curved broom head is original but I think it's wide width would have trouble getting into cracks as well as corners. Also, the handle, on an average person, only goes up to about the mid-thigh causing you to have to bend over at an awkward angle in order to sweep. This curved element would also make it difficult to use with a dust pan. I think you'd have to design a whole different shape in order to pick up the dirt effectively. But maybe Seok and Seo wanted to make that another project, may I suggest the Taj Mahal for the dust pan design?
This was yet another design I stumbled upon while researching. Although this is way out of our $5 budget range, I think the design has a lot of solid functional elements as well a great aesthetic value. Designed by Wonjune Song, this broom/vacuum is comprised of rubber bristles for better pick up. The rubber bristles would also be advantageous because it would make cleaning after sweeping very easy; all you'd have to do is rinse it out in the sink! I also love the design element of this cleaning tool. It's simple, with a sleek shape and colors, and almost makes you want to pick it up and use it (crazy, that someone would actually want to use a broom...and clean). For our design, we're trying to hammer out the exact same idea. Make our product in a way that is solid in function and usability but also is pleasing to the eye and is an accessory to your living space rather than an eye sore. 

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