Friday, September 9, 2011

The Toothbrush That Tells No Lies

Our assignment for this post was to give an explanation to why we believed that our object is well-designed. I'll be brutally honest, when I set out to discover my beautifully-crafted object for this project, I did not envision myself choosing something you shove in your mouth twice a day.

But after studying this object for 3 weeks, I've really come to admire it. Every one of Dieter Rams' 10 Commandments are crucial in creating good design, but there's one of those that I think is very important and is being thrown by the wayside with today's advancements.

What's that commandment you ask?


As a consumer, I believe it's important that an object vocalizes it's purpose. In other words, I think you should be able to look at an object and instantly know it's function. But with today's techno-savy gadgets, it can become somewhat of a daunting task. To the untrained eye, how are we supposed to know what an ipod does? Or a USB port? Or an iphone? Those Apple people have crammed so many functions in that pocket-sized thing, many of us are still trying to discover the possibilities.

I decided to challenge myself, to chose an object that was as simple and functional as it was honest. And alas, I have chosen a toothbrush. Something as a consumer, we assume the ordinary, but as a designer, we discover the creativity.

This toothbrush is effortless in shape, useful in functionality, and honest in image.

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