Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Educational Trip to Wally World

While on my trek for groceries to the wonderful Mart of Wal (Walmart for those of you who are getting confused with my wording), I ventured into the cleaning section to see the brooms that our group is going up against.

This, my friends is the Bissel Pet Hair Broom. This is the broom of all brooms people. This not only sweeps up the dirt on your kitchen floor but also snags the fur your canine leaves around. The middle orange bristles are rubber and will sweep up hair in a jiffy. And when you decide you only want to stick to only dirt, all you have to do is turn the handle (where my hand is) and is contracts back in. It's a $20.00 broom so it's quite a long ways out of our $5 price range, but it gave us some really good ideas for our own design.

After cleaning out the ideas the cleaning aisle had for me, I decided to go to the toy section of Walmart. Not only did it bring me back to the wonderful Barbies and Lego sets of my childhood but it gave me some new ideas for our telescoping broom handle. 

And look what I found! It's supposed to be the claw-like weapon for Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern. It's based off the same concept of the Star Wars light saber (Yes, Darth Vader was quite the ID enthusiast) but it has a handle on one end, very similar to what our broom we're working on. I think this would be a really idea, if adapted to a broom because it would make the awkward motion with the dustpan much easier. If the broom handle was collapsible, you wouldn't have a 3 ft. long piece of wood to wave around when you bend down to dust. It would also make storage much easier, especially for those janitors who are short on broom-storing space. 

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